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Unlimited content and unlimited potential for language learning with CLASSBOX English.
CLASSBOX English is an online service for teachers of English,
delivering the world’s leading learning content with tremendous value.

Learning Management System

Manage your class, assign homework in the student app, and get reports on your students’ progress.

Streaming Digital Textbook Library

Access a complete streaming library of more than 100 courses of English Language Teaching Textbook from the world’s leading publishers.

Interactive E-Books and Additional Materials

E-books include embedded multimedia, teaching tools, and interactive functions. You can also access supplemental materials; such as, worksheets, assessment materials, and teacher's resources directly from the platform.

Blended Learning with the BIGBOX app for students!

Students complete digital activities for books using the BIGBOX app.
Their activity and results are stored in the learning management system.

Give homework on CLASSBOX English.

Students get notifications in BIGBOX.

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교사세미나 안내 (6/9,서울)

4차 산업혁명시대, 교육패러다임이 바뀐다!

21세기 핵심역량을 키우는 리딩교수법 세미나에

교사 여러분을 초대합니다. (선착순 마감)

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에듀팡 사업자
회원가입 정보제공 동의

에듀팡 ㈜포워드퓨처에서 님의
이메일(ID), 휴대폰 번호, 이름, 사업자명,
사업자번호를 받습니다.

제공된 정보는 이용자 식별, 통계, 계정연동
및 CS 등을 위해 서비스 이용 중 보관 됩니다.